Color coated roofing sheet

  • Colour coated sheets are designed and developed using latest technical support as well as services of experienced professionals from the industry that allows for optimum end usage experience.
  • These sheets are available in different finish specifications as per the specific requirements of the clients.
  • Wide range of colours is applied on the sheets to provide aesthetic look to these sheets. These sheets are made of metals like sheet, aluminium or alloy and it has excellent reflective properties.


  1. Good weather resistant
  2. Optimum corrosion resistant
  3. Can be optimized according to the clients requests.
  4. Good look
  5. Available in variety of colours
  6. Low heat conductivity
  7. Provides proper ventilation
  8. Have standard thickness that allows no leakage.


  1. Big Storage units
  2. Industrial roofing
  3. Garages
  4. Warehouses
  5. Agricultural units