Decking sheets

  • Decking sheets are flat surfaces or platforms capable of supporting flooring and roofing sheets and these are connected to the outer or inner part of building structure.
  • These sheets are very helpful in reducing the concentrated loading effect of roofing on the building structures by proper distribution of load. In normal roofing and flooring, decking enables to transfer of the shearing forces and help to retain the proper structure of roofing.
  • For proper roof safety against leakage, UV rays, cracking decking is an excellent support. We have different types of decking sheets, which includes..

Roof decking sheets:

  • Roof Decking Sheets support the roof elements by providing exceptional strength and strong structural platform. In addition to this, an effective spanning of the roofs can be greatly achieved by using these sheets for roof decking.
  • With these decking sheets a strong solid base can be provided in any situation without using purlins or framing underneath the roofing. By using perfect combination of Roofing Sheets and Roof Decking Sheets, the durability and strength of whole roof is considerably enhanced.
  • Roof Decking Sheets are excellent materials to cover the roof and are capable to withstand various types of loads, therefore superior quality of raw materials are only used to design these sheets.
  • Materials like steel, aluminium or the alloys are important base materials for a robust construction. For offering excellent insulation the metal sheets are sandwiched between insulating polymers like polyurethane and polystyrene.


  1. Smooth finish.
  2. UV protected.
  3. Durability.
  4. Water proof
  5. Resistance against corrosion
  6. Dimensional stability.


  1. Multiplexes
  2. Cement industry
  3. Chemical plant
  4. Office buildings
  5. Big Store rooms

Floor decking sheets:

  • Floor Decking Sheets are used as the stable floors of the building structures. These decking sheets are very helpful to change the look of the interiors of homes, balconies or other building structure easily and quickly.
  •  The floor decking sheets are temporary platforms that can be changed conveniently as per the requirements. For creating new level within the building, these decking sheets are required for a strong construction.
  • Steel, wood, fibres are primarily used as the basic material for the construction of these decking sheets. The steel used are mostly galvanized and are rolled in different shapes as per the requirement.
  • The standard available colours are cedar, red,brown,    black, green.


  1. UV protected
  2. Fine finish
  3. Durability
  4. Water proof
  5. Dimensional stability


  • Floor decking sheets has Outdoor and Indoor applications. The outdoor applications are Roof structure, booth, surface sheet of balcony, window frames, garden community, roller shutter door etc..
  • The indoor applications are terrace, sliding door, folding screen, ceiling, internal decoration of toilets and galleries.

Deck profile sheets:

  • Decking profile sheets are widely used for composite floor system and in many cases as the permanent form work. These sheets are used as the floor of high buildings by saving both the steel quantity and extra save cost.
  • Theseare  light in weight durable profile sheets due to their excellent anti-earthquake capabilities are not prone to damage during earthquakes.
  • The benefits of deck profile sheets are it reduces the shuffling time and cost,
  • Reduces the need of reinforcement steel in RCC, enables fast construction of roofs and floors.


  1. Flexible and easy to install
  2. Anti-corrosion
  3. Fire proof
  4. Excellent anti-earthquake capacity
  5. Extreme weather resistant
  6. Good appearance
  7. Cement is not required in huge quantity and reduces the cost of the materials.
  8. High loading capacity.
  9. Very easy to install these sheets if you are owing your simple construction.
  10. Provides an excellent working platform.


  1. Chemical plants
  2. Power plants
  3. Shopping malls
  4. Ware houses
  5. Useful in temporary requirement of strong base.

Metal decking sheets:

  • Metal Decking Sheets are made up of metals like stainless steel, aluminium, zinc galvanized steel and are widely used as the strong and durable platforms for floors, roofs etc.
  • Metal Decking Sheets are used as the valuable part of the construction as these are helpful to reduce excessive costs involved. In industries, high-rise building structures, houses, these sheets are much preferred.
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, galvalume steel sheet and aluminium sheet are used as raw materials.
  • The advantages of these metal decking sheets are it reduces concrete, it provides strong frameworks, construction time is less and cost is also reduced.


  1. Light weight
  2. Easy installation
  3. Long lasting life
  4. High durability
  5. Evaluated strength


  1. Used in Power plant buildings
  2. Multiplexes / commercial buildings
  3. Office buildings
  4. Steel floor deck for mezzanine floors
  5. Warehouses.

GI coated decking sheets:

  • GI Coated Decking Sheets are made up of galvanized irons (GI) that make these resistant to rust and corrosion, and any further damages. These sheets are very easy to install and provides a stronger support for floors or roofs.
  • Being able to provide excellent performance at lower costs, these are widely used for industrial, commercial and household roofing or cladding. It has PE, PVDF, Galvanized(30-300g), Galvalume for coating purpose.These sheets are mainly made up of aluminium, steel or alloy, and are galvanized to prevent rusting.


  1. Easy installation
  2. Weather resistant
  3. High durability
  4. Good efficiency
  5. Corrosion resistant.


  1. Concrete hall
  2. Airport terminal
  3. Cement plans
  4. Steel structure plants
  5. Power equipment
  6. Car showroom
  7. Railway station
  8. Theater.

Steel decking sheets:

  • Steel decking sheets are profiled galvanized steel sheets that can be used as a structural platform for flooring and roofing systems. Their structural design and excellent strength allow for large spans and stronger building design.
  • Using these sheets not only helps brace the building but will help to result in significant savings on material labour costs and maintenance costs.
  • The steel deck sheets are extensively used for roofs and floors to give proper support for gravity loads between the joints or beams. After getting installed firmly, these sheets can also give a good support as a horizontal brace and the steel deck as a result acts as a diaphragm.
  • The fluted deck is similar to the web of a horizontal beam in which the flanges are the outside structural members attached to the deck. The span of that horizontal beam is projected by the distance between the vertical lateral load resisting systems joined with the deck.


  1. Easy installation
  2. Weather resistant
  3. High efficiency
  4. High resistant to corrosion


  1. Household purpose
  2. Power plant buildings
  3. Big storage rooms
  4. Office buildings.