Pre-Fabricated structure and building

  • Prefabricated light constructions are mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor. The greatest advantage of prefabricated buildings is being earthquake-resistant and light as they are steel constructions.The other advantage to prefabricated structures is the speed at which these buildings can be constructed. Because each piece is pre-assembled, it is fast and easy for construction crews to set up structures.
  • The advantage of rapid construction have made prefabricated structures an excellent solution for cities facing a housing crisis or consumers who choose to build in hostile environments.
  • Prefabricated buildings are produced in required size and design. There is no requirement for cranes in the loading and unloading of fibrocement plated panel system structures. Crane is required for fibrocement bolted type building and steel sheet panel system buildings.
  • The materials are packaged proper to the international packaging and transportation rules for overseas productions.
    Have life of approximately 20 years, these structures are suitable for temporary and inexpensive construction like office at a mining site or a guard post at a temporary military base.
  • These structures are also used as meeting facilities, arenas, convention locations and as a storage location. While manufacturing these¬†Prefabricated Structures, our professionals make use of optimum quality material, procured from the authentic vendors of the industry. These robust, durable and dimensionally accurate structures are easy to shift from one location to another.



  1. Space saving and lightweight
  2. Durability and reliability
  3. Unlimited freedom in design and dimension
  4. Earthquake resistant and weather resistant
  5. High thermal insulation and fire retardant
  6. Superior quality.
  7. It can withstand extreme temperature ranging from -40 to 80 degree Celsius.