Z & C Purlin Manufacturer

  • Z and C Purlin are extensively used in places that have a particular need for sturdy, durable steel framing-such as in buildings, verandas, garages, sheds, etc. The manufacturing is done using high-quality galvanized steel, thus lending great tensile strength as well as a significant degree of flexibility in terms of design options.
  •  Our C & Z purlins can be made available both in plain as well as punched ranges. They are widely available in varying web height and thickness combinations, from 75mm going all the way up to 400 mm.
  • These purlins are crisp, clean and square and high-precision. Rounded corners, inaccurate lengths, or out of square purlins simply do not get manufactured at Primex, thereby guaranteeing you a high-quality product at all times.
  • We have installed the fully automatic purlin machine to manufacture Z purlins manufacturers and C purlins Manufacturers of the required dimensions, tailor-made as per clients’ specification. Keeping mind the clients’ specifications, we fabricate products with sturdiness and quality.
  • Our range of purlin finds its extensive usage in constructing various industrial and commercial sectors.
  • The purlin materials with a light weight confer to an effective and faster construction work.
  • The C purlins are worth mentioning in this regard as they provide the best resistivity against rust and can be degraded with much ease. The C purlins are used for the framing of exterior portions of the wall. It is their alluring look for which they are being used as wall posts on large scale.


  1. Optimum quality
  2. Greater flexibility
  3. Easy installation features
  4. User friendly
  5. Low weight
  6. Less maintenance
  7. Long service life
  8. Durable finish standards
  9. Industry proven design.