Z & C Purlin Manufacturer

Z and C Purlin are extensively used in places that have a particular need for sturdy, durable steel framing-such as in buildings, verandas, garages, sheds, etc. The manufacturing is done using high-quality galvanized steel, thus lending great tensile strength as well as a significant degree of flexibility in terms of design options.  Our C & Z purlins can be made available both in plain as well as punched ranges. They are widely available in varying web height […]

Turbo Ventilator

Turbo ventilators are powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. Slightest breeze is enough for the these ventilators to rotate. Rotation causes a centrifugal force on the tip of the fins which suck out the stale hot air from inside of the building. The faster the wind, the faster the turbine will rotate and exhaust the heat, smoke, fumes, humidity, etc. Turbo ventilators was introduced over two decades ago and since […]

Pre Engineering Building

Pre-engineered buildings are generally low rise buildings however the maximum height can go up to 25 to 30 metres. Low rise buildings are ideal for offices, houses, showrooms, shop fronts etc. The application of pre-engineered buildings concept to low raise buildings is very economical and speedy. Buildings can be constructed in less than half the normal time especially when complemented with the other engineered sub systems. The most common and economical type of low rise […]


Pre Painted Galvanized Iron Sheets which is cleaned, pre-treated, applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl dispersions or laminates. This material uses galvanized steel as the basic substrate metal. This product finds wide application in various industries such as electric, construction, agriculture and more. PPGI is available in different sizes and tube diameters to meet the specific demands of valuable clients. This coil provided by professionals is suitable for use […]

Pre-Fabricated structure and building

Prefabricated light constructions are mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor. The greatest advantage of prefabricated buildings is being earthquake-resistant and light as they are steel constructions.The other advantage to prefabricated structures is the speed at which these buildings can be constructed. Because each piece is pre-assembled, it is fast and easy for construction crews to set up structures. The advantage of rapid construction have made prefabricated structures an excellent solution for cities facing a housing […]

Colour coated coil

Coil coating is the most advanced techniques used in the continuous application of an organic on a flat metal substrate in the coil form. These sheets have been used extensively by the construction industry throughout the world for nearly two decades of its excellent corrosion resistance, aesthetic look, durability, wide range of colours. The standard thickness of this material is 1220mm. The Coating process is as follows: Cleaning of sheet. Chemical coating. Premier application. Curing […]

Corrugated roofing sheets

These are corrugated patterned roofing sheets which are made upof hot-dip galvanized mild steel. The whole structure of these corrugated by using cold rolling technique. Corrugations are provided in the sheets to enhance the bending strength of these sheets. Less corrosive metals like zinc, aluminium, tin are coated over the steel sheets in order to minimise corrosion. Stainless steel and aluminium are used in these sheets due to their high tensile strength and good impact […]

Roofing Tile

Concrete tile: These tiles is generally composed of cement, sand and water and this material comes in variety of finishes, colors and styles as well as cuts and shapes. Concrete is an excellent choice for a long life span, low maintenance and durability. Concrete tile is durable enough to walk on, energy efficient and natural insulation to noise. These are less expensive than clay tiles and heavy but long-lasting , material is made from mixture […]

Color coated roofing sheet

Colour coated sheets are designed and developed using latest technical support as well as services of experienced professionals from the industry that allows for optimum end usage experience. These sheets are available in different finish specifications as per the specific requirements of the clients. Wide range of colours is applied on the sheets to provide aesthetic look to these sheets. These sheets are made of metals like sheet, aluminium or alloy and it has excellent […]

Roofing materials

Roofing material options are more abundant than ever and choosing the right product for your roof is as important as the contractor you hire to install it. Roofing Material manufactured by us is extensively used for constructing roofs of both residential and well as commercials sectors. . Light in weight properties and a robust fixing method masks these materials effective against extreme weather conditions. Providing complete protection to buildings from heat, cold and rain, our […]